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Alpine Inc. offers top-quality laptop repair services at the most affordable prices. Our technicians conveniently schedule online appointments and come equipped with the necessary hardware, software, and tools for the job.


Alpine Inc. provides comprehensive networking solutions for homes and businesses. We offer computer and peripheral networking tailored to business needs, including structured cabling, VOIP installation, EPABX setup, WiFi printer setup, and various wired and wireless solutions.

Wifi Solution for Home

In today’s world, Wi-Fi is essential for business and work, and customers rely on seamless, uninterrupted solutions. Alpine Inc. has transformed many homes and villas into fully Wi-Fi-enabled spaces, ensuring strong signals in every corner, both horizontally and vertically. Our Wi-Fi solutions also integrate all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as Alexa, Wi-Fi TVs, and Wi-Fi printers.

Security Surveillance



We offer extensive CCTV maintenance service contracts, with qualified engineers providing efficient and thorough scheduled maintenance and servicing annually or more frequently as needed. Our services include on-the-go surveillance, such as live monitoring in school buses, and surveillance for indoor and outdoor events like those at KTPO or Dussera celebrations. Additionally, we have a long-standing association with the police department for city surveillance, creating awareness through presentations and conferences.

IP Surveillance


We offer remote monitoring of large properties, premises, and factories using pole-mounted and tower-mounted IP cameras with 360-degree movement, high resolution, and zoom options. These cameras cover up to a 2 km radius, equivalent to 16 sq km. Additionally, we provide IP cameras with color technology, enabling 24/7 color images even in pitch darkness.

Biometric & Access Control


Access control systems are crucial for organizational security, allowing only authorized personnel to enter specific areas. Beyond traditional security, these systems enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs by integrating with various workforce products and solutions. Offices and businesses use access control to restrict visitor access, while non-commercial facilities like hospitals, schools, universities, and government buildings also adopt this technology to maintain high security levels.

Video Door Phone


To meet users’ demand for smart systems, we offer advanced video door phone solutions to ensure home and family safety. These systems consist of an outdoor station and an indoor panel. The outdoor station, installed at the entrance gate, includes a microphone, speaker, camera, and push-button. The indoor panel features a display, microphone, and speaker, allowing residents to view and communicate with visitors.

Smart Automation Product


An IoT ecosystem consists of web-enabled smart devices equipped with embedded systems like processors, sensors, and communication hardware to collect, send, and act on environmental data. These devices share collected sensor data by connecting to an IoT gateway or other edge devices, where data is either sent to the cloud for analysis or analyzed locally. Often, IoT devices communicate with each other and act on the exchanged information autonomously, though humans can interact with them for setup, instructions, or data access.

Motion Sensor Light


Putting a Stop to Energy Waste

At Alpine Inc., our vision is to provide products and services that enhance building energy efficiency. We are dedicated to eliminating energy waste. Our range of switch sensors, including motion and lighting management sensors, reduces unnecessary lighting usage, such as in unoccupied areas or when sufficient natural light is present. Our lighting management sensors monitor occupancy and automatically switch on lights when a person is detected, potentially saving up to 60% on lighting energy costs.



Is Your School Drop-Off Zone Total Chaos?

Managing drop-off zones at school premises requires high organizational skill and procedure, often resulting in chaos. Alpine Inc. offers an innovative solution to streamline this process: the IoT-based Gate Q Message Display System. This affordable and efficient product brings order to the chaotic handover process. Our simple three-step formula ensures a coordinated and controlled drop-off experience, making it easier for both parents and schools.

LED Board


Our LED display sign board offers clear readability and prominently displays its working status. Easy to install, it features radio frequency with adjustable brightness for various fonts. Available in white and green, it is made of high-quality, durable plastic. Additionally, it offers USB port or Wi-Fi connectivity. Take advantage of our free return policy for P10 LED display sign boards and enjoy numerous promotions to maximize your savings.

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